About Us


Kingsdale A Place to Be
A Culture of Respect and Inclusivity

Think of a beautiful place where people want to be
where there is a sense of purpose and possibility

Think of a community enriched by the power of diversity
respecting rights and reflecting responsibility

Think of a place to inspire our creativity and to discover
who we could or should be

Think of a community whose joie de vivre is to help
each other overcome adversities

A place to transform and to be transformed
A place to cherish and to be cherished
A place to enable and to be enabled

Provocative partners we shall be but our raison d’etre is about
dreams and destinies

Don’t think of you and me. Think of us and we.
Unity of purpose is our identity

Participate and be the school we’d all be proud to see
A cultured respected reflective place of study
Everyone empowered to become the best that they can be

Fac Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam

© Kingsdale Foundation School

Our Aims

  • Kingsdale aims to improve the quality of education and raise levels of attainment through the implementation of a range of innovative strategies, works and practices which will transform the School into a community centre of learning excellence.

  • Kingsdale aims to offer an innovative and creative curriculum, which meets the needs of girls and boys in the 21st Century.

  • We aim for Kingsdale graduates to be effective independent learners whose success is promoted by personalised curricula and who are able to present themselves well.

  • We wish to produce adaptable and well-educated young people who have developed their skills and confidence in a strong moral and spiritual culture.

Ethos Statement

  • Kingsdale School promotes academic and personal excellence, applauds achievement, cherishes success and celebrates our differences.

  • Kingsdale is dedicated to the betterment of each and every boy and girl, producing self-confident, responsible and articulate young people who care for and respect themselves and one another.

  • The school is proud of and values its pupils, parents and staff and takes pride in the community it serves.

  • At Kingsdale, we understand that with freedom comes responsibility.

  • The school manages change in education and in young people.

  • Kingsdale School provides a welcoming environment, which seeks to uplift the spirit, protect the dignity and enlighten those who come into contact with it.


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