Careers Education and Work Experience

Our Sixth Form careers offer is individually responsive to the needs of the students in ensuring that they receive independent guidance and advice from experienced and highly skilled careers experts. As part of our Careers Education programme, each student will:

  • Receive bespoke advice and monitoring on careers that are linked to their interests and abilities; this may include tertiary education or apprenticeship routes. This advice is independently provided by an external organisation partnering with us for the delivery of high-quality provision.

  • Receive personal and individual guidance on the completion of UCAS and employment forms. Students will have the opportunity to visit universities and a higher education convention.

  • Receive university interview guidance as required, including for Oxbridge and medicial courses.

  • Attend guest speaker events in careers that are of their interest, both at school and externally.

  • Attend a Skills London event to expose them to a variety of employers, colleges, universities and training providers.

  • Be encouraged to access our network of local business partners and resources, including applying for university sponsorship programmes where applicable.

  • Attend a minimum of a 10 days work experience in an area of their interest, linked to advice and guidance recieved as part of their independent careers interview.

  • Develop and complete their own resource bank in relation to the potential career pathway in line with their interests.

Throughout their Sixth Form experience, students are actively encouraged to become independent learners and take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to them. The pastoral team actively monitors this aspect of our provision to ensure that our students can truly realise their aspirations and dreams.

Students are also provided with opportuities to feedback to us their experiences of their Sixth Form programme, including careers guidance, with this information being used to inform our future planning and improve our services even further.


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