Sixth Form Expectations

At the Kingsdale Sixth Form, we strive for our students to be successful, excellent role models and ready for the world after school. Our expectations regarding Sixth Form conduct reflect this aspiration.

Key Expectations for Sixth Form Students

Students are required to be on the school site no later than 08.40am each day and to be in possession of and visibly wearing their Kingsdale identity badge at all times. Lost badges must be reported immediately to the Premises Team and a charge may be levied for a replacement.

Our Dress Code for Sixth Form students is as follows:

Students are required to wear black or grey smart trousers/skirts and a smart collared shirt/blouse Skirts should be no less than one credit card length above the knee.

Plain, polishable shoes should be worn and trainers are not permitted. This includes trainer-style shoes such as Nike Airforce.

A grey, black or blue blazer/suit jacket is obligatory and must be plain in nature (e.g. no stripes).  The official Sixth Form Blazer and Tie may also be worn by choice and is required to be wornon occasions specified by designated staff or when directed due to breaches of the uniform code or otherwise.

Hairstyles must conform to a reasonable norm as determined by whole-school policy.  Hair must be kept tidy and should not be unnaturally coloured, dyed, close shaved or pattern shaved.   Hair clips should not be exaggerated in style or number and must be a single colour.

Outdoor coats should be plain in appearance and should not be denim or highly/multi coloured.

Make up, if used at all, should be difficult to notice.  Coloured nail varnish is not permitted.

Jewellery is not permitted except for plain silver or gold ear studs.  All other piercings are not permitted.

Plain dark or dark navy woolen scarves and hats may be worn to and from school

While not exhaustive, the list below identifies items of clothing not permitted to be worn at any time on the school site:

    • Hats, hoods and caps
    • T shirts, hooded tops and fleece tops
    • Trainers including black Nike Air Force or similar
    • Denim trousers/skirts and jackets
    • Jeans
    • Sportswear
    • Low slung or combat style trousers
    • Cropped trousers and leggings
    • Tops that show a bare midriff or are low cut
    • UGG boots or similar

Outdoor coats may not be worn inside corridors, classrooms or similar areas at any time.  Coats may be worn in the Atrium only during Winter months where this has been permitted.

Sixth Form students are not permitted to wear or display electronic items such as mobile phones, headphones etc., in communal areas, such as the Atrium, Upper School Library etc.

Please be advised that the students who fail to adhere to the dress code, or our punctuality expectations will be sanctioned in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy.  This may require them returning home to change where inappropriately dressed, being issued with a school detention or report, or parents being contacted to attend a meeting with relevant pastoral leaders.

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