Post-16 Scholarships

The school offers Sixth Form Scholarships in Art, Drama, Mathematics and/or Music to students who demonstrate particular aptitude in these areas.  Scholarship awards constitute an additional £1000 per annum in specialist provision.  

Students who wish to apply for a Sixth Form Scholarship must indicate this in the relevant section of their online application form for September 2022 Year 12 entry.

The application form can be accessed via the Sixth Form Applications page here.

Further information about our extensive post-16 scholarship programme can be obtained from the members of staff listed below.


Mr Jones – Director of Performing & Expressive Arts

Email - 


Mr Golding – Head of Drama Department

Email -


Mrs Howell– Director Art, Design & Technology

Email - artd&


Mr Mohamed Alhmali – Director of Mathematics

Email -

Alternatively, please contact Ms Dyer in the Sixth Form Office via Please ensure you include the term Post-16 Scholarship in the subject heading of your email along with the name of the scholarship subject you are interested in.  Ms Dyer can also be contacted by phone on 0208 655 9723.


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