Learning Support Centre


'The school’s support for pupils’ mental health, including mentors and a school counsellor, further supports pupils who may require those services.'  Ofsted 2017

What is the Learning Support Centre?

The Learning Support Centre is as its name suggests, is a Unit within the school which exists to support student learning . In line with all other departments within the school the LSU's primary aim is to raise the level of achievement of those young people who have been referred.

Why are students referred to the LSC?

A student will be referred to the LSU when the Head of Year becomes aware that she/he is not achieving to the full extent of her/his ability in spite of the standard school interventions.

Once a student has been offered a place in the LSU, an ‘Individual support programme’ will be put in place. The purpose of this will be to allow the young person the opportunity, working with a designated member of the LSU team, of identifying, addressing and hopefully resolving whatever issues have been standing in the way of their accessing the mainstream curriculum.

The Learning Support Team

There are currently three full time members of staff based in the LSC. There are however a number of other individuals and organisations both inside the school and in Southwark who may become involved in a student's ‘Individual Support Programme’.


Students working in the LSC will normally only do so on a part time basis, whilst there, most of their time is spent receiving support with their academic work. Whoever has been designated to work with the young person will ensure that work is provided by the relevant subject teacher. This is to ensure that when the student is ready to be reintegrated back into class they have not fallen behind with their studies.


A counselling service is offered within the L.S.C. This provides an opportunity for pupil who require a more intensive one-to-one support to facilitate the exploration of emotional states.

The Transition Group

The LSC works with a group of students who have been identified as potentially finding it difficult to make the transition from Primary school to secondary school. This initiative provides a range of support and strategies helping both parent and carer through what can be a very difficult period in a young person’s life.

Working with outside Agencies

The LSC currently involves a range of outside agencies in supporting Individual Education Plans. These include:

  • Educational Psychologist.
  • Speech Therapist
  • Connexions based in school
  • The Boyhood to Manhood Foundation. 
  • Inclusive Creativity. 
  • Face to Face
  • NACRO.