Conflict Resolution Centre

The Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC)


What is the Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) ?

The CRC is a provision operating within the school where students whose behaviour has brought them into conflict with one of their peers or with a member of staff at the school, can be sent for a designated period of time.

What staff work in the CRC ?

Whilst there is one full time member of staff managing the CRC, there are always supported by another teacher ensuring that at all times there are two members of staff present. These staff will also be supported where necessary by the Learning Mentors who will work with individual students helping them to identify, address and hopefully resolve the issues which have resulted in their referral.

How are students referred to the CRC. ?

Referrals To the CRC are usually made by Heads of Learning or members of the Senior Management Team. The person referring will complete a ‘Referral form, and accompany the student to the provision.

How long will students spend in the CRC ?

Students can be referred to the CRC for up to three days, depending on the nature of the incident in which they were involved.

What happens to students in the CRC. ?

Students referred to the CRC will;

Have work collected for them by the relevant year team PA. 
They will be expected to complete the work in silence. 
Enter into a dialogue with staff in the provision in an attempt to understand what caused the conflict in the first place. 
Engage where necessary with a Learning  Mentor who will work with the young person helping them to identify, address and hopefully resolve those issues which have resulted in the referral.

What happens following a referral to the CRC ?

Where a student has been referred to the CRC the Heads of Learning will carefully monitor their reintegration back into the whole school community. Where students are being repeatedly referred to the provision the Heads of Learning will take whatever action they feel most appropriate.