The Kingsdale Annexe

What is the Annexe ?

Then Kingsdale Annexe is an off-site  facility operating as part of the school. It designed to work with identified students helping them to Identify address and hopefully resolve  issues  which are currently preventing them from being successful following a full timetable in the main school building. Invariably these issues will be related to behaviour.

Where is the Kingsdale Annexe?

The Annexe is situated about ¼ of a mile from the main school building and occupies two floors of Kingswood House a Grade two listed building which also houses the Kingswood Library on the Kingswood estate.

Which students will be referred to the Annexe ?

Students referred to the Annexe will either;

Have already have accessed the school’s other interventions including Mentoring and the Learning Support Centre, but will still be behaving in an inappropriately in their subject lessons, which as a result will be having a negative impact on their learning.Or will have been involved in a serious incident which could potentially have seen them excluded.

How does the Annexe support students?

From day one students are told whilst they are not being referred to the Annexe as a punishment , they are being offered a place there as a way of helping support them in addressing and resolving those issues which have hitherto been preventing them from achieving to their full potential in the main school building.  Students are told they will be engaging with the staff alongside their parent/carers in working towards being reintegrated back into the main school.

How is the Annexe staffed?

There are three full time members of staff working in the Annexe. These staff will be supporting a maximum of 12 students at any one time. Staff from the main school will regularly go to the Annexe and deliver lessons, ensuring that the students referred will still receive the same curriculum offer as their peers. Over and above the lessons, the students in the provision will also have the opportunity to work with a range of individuals who will focus on helping them to address those issues which resulted in the initial referral.

How are students reintegrated back into the main school ?

Placements in the Annexe are usually for six weeks (in the first instance) Throughout this period ongoing evaluations are made by staff as to whether the student is ready to commence reintegration. Once the staff feel the time is right the student will begin a reintegration process. Initially students will be reintegrated back into Core subjects. During reintegration students will be based in the Learning Support Centre and will follow a reduced timetable.

How successful is the Annexe?

The majority of students placed in the Annexe are able to be successfully reintegrated back into the main school building.