Department Vision

  • To help students learn and retain key historical knowledge and skills which will give them a framework for future understanding, and enthuse them to continue engaging in the subject whether in school or outside of school. 
  • In terms of content, to combine key chronological developments of British history with a global focus in order to empower students to understand the histories of their own communities and challenge dominant historical narratives. 
  • To help students think historically – analysing and evaluating key information and using a range of sources confidently. 

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Useful learning and revision websites




Spartacus Educational


Year 7 Curriculum Map


Useful Resources

Modern Minds - Christine Counsell

Technology, War and Identities - Aaron Wilkes and James Ball

GCSE Modern World History - Ben Walsh

In Search of History: The Twentieth Century - J.F. Aylett Edexcel



Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map (AQA History GCSE


Useful Resources

BBC Bitesize - History

Spartacus Educational

JD Clare

AQA History GCSE

Historic England: The Norman Conquest

History.com – The Nazi Party

History Learning Site – What was the Cold War?


Key Stage 5 Curriculum Map


Useful Resources

Edexcel History GCE

The British Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yad Vashem, יד ושם

The Imperial War Museum

History.com - Apartheid

The Presidents of America

The Centre for American Women and Politics


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