Food Science

‘Learning about healthy eating and putting this knowledge into practice, has positive implications for a student's physical well-being.'

At Kingsdale Foundation School, the Food Science curriculum allows students to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them acquire life skills in cooking, and help them understand the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle. It is the aim of the Food Science Department to provide well-planned, innovative and lively lessons. In a large proportion of the lessons, students cook or are engaged in a practical activity. We strive for both teaching and learning to be of an excellent standard.

'Studies have shown that food habits learnt at an early age are hard to influence and change.'


Key Stage 3 Food Science

Food Science is a subject that is practical and important to meeting the needs of promoting healthy living. All students in Year 7 and 8 get an opportunity to study the subject and learn the fundamentals of using a kitchen safely. Students will also investigate a sustainable lifestyle and explore nutrients and the essential role they play in a balanced diet. The feedback from students and parents alike is extremely positive and many students have become confident to make healthy, tasty meals at home!  


Key Stage 4 Food Science

At Key Stage 4, students study the AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition specification. This equips the students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and encouragement they need to cook. It gives them the ability to apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating. Students make informed decisions about a wide range of further learning opportunities and career pathways, and develop vital life skills so that they can feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously. Food Science is a highly successful and extremely popular GCSE subject.

Potential Pathways: Food Preparation and Nutrition can lead to a number of careers not just those directly linked with the food industry. It can also help to support applications to a wide range of further education courses such as Food Science, Product Development, Food and Nutrition, Sports Science, Midwifery and Nursing, Medicine, Dietetics, Catering and Hospitality, Food Journalism and PR, Food Styling and Photography, Food Retail, Environmental Health and The Food Standards Agency.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Saturday and holiday workshops excite and challenge students with high demand skills projects. Extra-curricular opportunities are an important and significant area of learning as they provide students with new and challenging experiences. These opportunities allow students to develop new skills, experiment with new experiences and consequently grow in self-confidence. The significance of this cannot be underestimated. Therefore, to encourage enjoyment and love of learning about food, students are given opportunities to join a range of themed activities. At Kingsdale, we understand that our Sixth Form students need more than just academic qualifications to prepare them for university or employment. As a result, we offer a University Survival Course to support them to be able to prepare healthy and yet delicious meals for themselves after they leave home.

Crème Brûlée decorated with sugar cage

Chicken Goujons served with potato wedges and coleslaw

Chicken Shawarma with noodles

Rainbow Fish stuffed minced fish

Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice

Fish Cake served with homemade tartare sauce 

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with handmade fresh pasta

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Love of Food Club Programme

Love of Food Club Programme